Hard to believe, but true. 
I'm published.

Banjo Newsletter No Depression
  • Review of Mark Grahmn's "Natural Selections." In a uncharacteristic pique of journalistic integrity, never published under the pretext of conflict of interest.
Music City Texas: Might:
  • Review of Blue Mountain's first CDThey never ran it, the cowards.
  • Review of the soundtrack to the film "The Shvitz." I think they may have actually ran that one, but they went belly up soon afterwards.
The Old Time Herald, reviews of: Pop Culture Press: Cryptic Toast (a zine, long since departed):
  • A Rage In Haarlem: Bad Livers '93 Dutch Tour Diary

San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Liner Notes to:

  • Corazon de Piedra, Santiago Jimenez, Jr.
  • Canciones de mi Padre, Santiago Jimenez, Jr.

An introduction for Austin Tex-Mex accordion legend Johnny DeGollado.

My Top Ten Chicken Experiences, 2000.