Howdy and welcome to my little log cabin on the web!

A few choice blurbs...

"Thanks for everything you do."
 - Lloyd Maines, 9/14/05

"When the real Texas music history books are written, Mark Rubin will emerge as one of the state's modern-day heroes.."
-Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer, 4/16/98

"To say that Mark Rubin is one of this town's most talented and eclectic musicians is selling him and the community short. "
-Austin, 5/13/99

  "..that rare combination of ethnomusicologist and street fighter.."
-John Conquest, Music City Texas
"...bass-tuba player Mark Rubin is a gift from the music gods, a real pillar on the bandstand. "
- Henry Sapoznik,

  "Gentleman de forte carrure, la blaque toujours au coin de la bouche,..."
-Antoine de Baecke, Sud Ouest, (Bordeaux France,) 2/8/96
(I think that means, "a broad shouldered guy who cracks wise....")

"Part Renaissance man, part neurotic outsider, he's definitely the only tattooed, 330-pound bassist in Austin prone to casually slipping Yiddish phrases into conversations."
- Andy Langer, Austin Chronicle