Erik Hokkanen
"Some musicians are more than just musicians - they are musical magicians."

The finest Austin musician you've probably never heard of. No one I've ever encountered displays so regularly such gracefull mastery of his instrument, be it violin, guitar, mandolin, or even his distictive singing voice, as Erik Hokkanen. His compositions alone should list him among the greats of Texas music. Years from now I will brag how I used to play with such a legendary talent. -Mark Rubin

Erik Hokkanen
Cover story of Good Life Magazine, June 2004

Selected Links:
Listen to tracks from In The Heart of a Waking Dream here.
Here's a great story of Erik in collaboration with Karnatic Indian musicians

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See Erik play every Tuesday Night, starting 9pm, at Flipnotics' Coffeespace, Austin TX

Erik Hokkanen
(512) 916-8091
130 Cumberland #130
Austin TX 78704