Erik Hokkanen
Selected Discography
With commentary from the artist:

"Blue Corn" 
Erik and the Offbeats (1989)

An all-instrumental recording, now available on CD. One the tunes "Erik's 2-Step" was used in the 1997 motion picture "Micheal," heard while John Travolta pranced around with a bar maid in the parking lot of a honky-tonk, filmed somewhere in Austin.

"Earth Swing" 
The Snow Wolves Orchestra (1994)

Mark Rubin, Jeff Haley and Lynn Daniel lent thier bassmanship brilliantly to a third of this album, but otherwise what you hear is yours truly gone nuts with fiddles, guitars, string bass, mandolin, and vocals. This is a highly personal effort that took years to make, inspired from vision quests, nature observation, dreams, Native Americana, ancient lifeways, trees, and a profound love for our Earth Mother. manifesting this recording was a personal turning point, and one that saved my life. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say its available on CD for your enjoyment, a baby I "mothered" and believe in deeply. This album is prayer.

"Kaustinen, Texas" 
Erik Hokkanen & Lumisudet (1995)

My first Finnish album with all my pals, Arto Jarvela, Perti Hakala, Tampani Varis, Manno Jarvela, et al.. "Lumisudet" is Finnish for guess what?-"the Snow Wolves," and the saga continues. This beautiful album is a group effort all the way with over 70 minutes of sounded glory. Kiittos! (thank you) on CD.

"Swing The Night Away"
The Snow Wolves (1996)

Our all-star lineup (the cream of the local jazz scene including Elias Haslanger, Freddie Mendoza, Chris Searles, Stanley Smith, Phil Ritchie, Steve Schwelling, ect..) of wolves howling thru our own swing reperatoire. Strings, horns, girl vocalists..this is one big hilarious party on CD.

"In The Heart Of A Waking Dream"
Erik Hokkanen & Lumisudet (1999)

Our 2nd Finnish album, due to be "officially" released this summer. I already have bootleg CD's out of this material under the name "From Finland With Love," whose mix isn't quite the same as the final version will be, though one I enjoy unhesitantly. These recordings were made in Helsinki in the spring of '98 as I earned my professorship teaching at the Sibelius Acadamey of Music. We had a great time doing this one, and our previous experience together shows throughout.

Complete Discography:

Erik and the Offbeats (1987)

Blue Corn (1989)

Erik & Erik (1992 )

Earth Swing (1994)

Kaustinen Texas (1995)

Swing the Night Away (1996)

Barnes, Hokkanen and Rubin - aka Mad Cat Trio (recorded 1993/released 1998)

Scout Fiddle Blues - Souvenir Album (1999)

Erik and the She Wolves (recorded 2001, released 2003)

In the Heart of a Waking Dream  (recorded 1998, released 2002)

Hip Replacements (2003)

All these recordings are available at live performances or by contacting Erik directly @ (512) 707-1030

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