MarK  Rubin

Roots and Culture


Thanks for looking for me and finding me here!

I have a BIG FAVOR to ask of you, so please following this link for all the information.

I’m a lifelong musician who appears in many aggregations from an acoustic solo act to a 12 piece brass band depending entirely upon either my whim of the needs of my client. Our speciality is digging deep into roots music of every stripe, from C&W to Cajun to Country Blues, Bluegrass, Texas Swing, Balkan and Yiddish. Though primarily known as a string bassist, Tuba is my first instrument and currently I’m employed to play tenor banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, valve trombone, ukulele and clawhammer banjo. “Musical Bi-Polarism” as a friend once noted;-)

After recently relocating to New Orleans, I can be found locally in the clubs along Frenchman and around the Quarter either in the Sousaphone, String Bass or Tenor Banjo chair, contributing to the living culture of music here. Out on the road I am mostly likely to be seen with The Hot Nut Riveters collective, with our debut release “Moustache Girl” climbing the independent radio charts.

For many years I had a band called Bad Livers, which folks tell me was mighty influential in the world of American acoustic music. I served as bassist and producer for Tex-Mex accordion legend Santiago Jimenez, Jr. for many years, including producing a Grammy nominated release. I’m also a member of The Other Europeans, a 14 piece collective of Jewish and Rroma musicians which I’m mighty proud of.

If you’re further curious, I have a blog where I share my thoughts and motivations called Chasing the Fat Man. And I post my videos on YouTube here. My Twitter feed can be found here.

My work in Television and Motion Pictures can be found at the Internet Movie Data Base. Soon, I’ll have a link up to my published writing as well. My “dayjob” is Director of the Folk Alliance International’s annual Winter Music Camp, in Kansas City MO, Feb. 18-22. 2015.

Let me know how I can help you. Just drop me a line here.

Bless you for checking in on me.